She's the one who brings me to life
When I stab her with my hunting knife
Broken tramp, have you seen her?
Tried to love, but now I beat her.

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Who inspired you to do photography - @Anonymous

it wasn’t anyone really, I would say myself and the things I saw, when I started out so much inspired me, I can see the beauty in things others can’t and I think that’s one of my favorite things about myself, I think that’s my main aim with photography, to show people how I see things and show things from my point of view, I can find inspiration in literally anything, just looking around my room right now I can see so many things I could photograph and it’s the same everywhere I go, in a way I just want to share the beauty around me and all the amazing things I see.

I guess this isn't really a question but I really love your blog. I first found you on insta and I just get these great vibes from you. You're a really cool person and I thought you should hear that - @indie-earthflower

Reading stuff like this really makes my day thank you!!

What do you plan to do after college?! - @Anonymous

I’m not 100% sure yet, I want to travel, take pictures, try different jobs, I don’t want my job to be a massive part of my life, I want to road trip for a while. really work on my music, just live I guess, I don’t want to plan everything out like a lot of people do because what’s the point of living without unpredictability and excitement? I want to try a bit of everything, I just want to get my current situation sorted out to be honest, I have to get all this college work in and I have to try and find a job in the next month or so so I can get this fucking apartment, I’m really excited for the apartment and to be able to live without my parents because they annoy the shit out of me, if I could be doing anything right now it would be either living in a lonely log cabin with my friends doing nothing at all or touring playing shows and getting alcohol poisoning 

my life n stuff

I feel like my blog has become less personal, I don’t really get messages from you guys about my life anymore just about the photos of my life if that makes sense, so here is kind of an update on everything

I’m 17, still doing photography at college, currently trying to get the money together to rent a flat with my friend, the place we have found is amazing, I’ve been getting pretty good on the ukulele and I’ve been getting more familiar with the microkorg, I am seeing courtney love and neutral milk hotel next month and I’m rly excited, I’ve lost a lot of weight but I haven’t really been triggered, I’m trying to cut down on cigarettes because 10-15 a day isn’t ok and it’s expensive as fuck, I went to the woods the other day and it was sunny and it was beautiful and I was the happiest I’ve been in the past few weeks. I am pretty happy in general right now, I am working on a zine (I’ll do a post about that soon)

ask me stuff if you like but I’m going for a nap before college now, I’ll answer them all tonight or something

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