when did you realise/decide that you were a feminist and why?

I’ve always cared a lot about equal rights and stuff, I didn’t see gender as most people did when I was younger, when I was very young I actually wanted to be a girl and preferred “girls” things, all my favorite movies and TV shows were about powerful females, I was obsessed with the powerpuff girls and catwoman aha, my parents tried to suppress that as much as they could and refused to buy me “girls” toys and would try their hardest to get me into “boys” things, part of me is shocked that I’m not transgender but I’m comfortable being male now and looking back it wasn’t really the gender I cared about it was more the fact I liked feminine things and really fucking liked pink (I still do) I do wonder what I would be like if my parents would have let me enjoy the things I wanted to when I was younger, to this day I still think twice about doing something / buying something feminine because of all of that, I know that if it was the other way around and they had a girl that liked “boy” things they wouldn’t have minded that much and that always bothered me, I also remember learning about the suffragettes in school and thinking they were the most bad ass people ever, it was pretty much the only thing I actually wanted to learn about. I got involved in the feminist movement through discovering riot grrrl, I found a Bikini Kill song in early 2012 and loved it, it was “suck my left one” and I just discovered more from there, I have always loved female fronted bands and so all the bands I found from Bikini Kill were great, Bikini Kill also got me into Punk and I just discovered a lot from them, I started seeing why we need feminism more and more and it started to seem like I was the only one around me that was noticing, the fact people say such sexist things without even realizing that they are sexist, it opened my eyes to a lot and I met so many cool people through riot grrrl, I met one of my best friends through riot grrrl (and Crystal Castles) and it became a way to meet really amazing people too. Feminism is something that has become a big part of my life and my personality, it sounds weird but it was something that made me happy, the fact that there were so many people fighting against sexism and other things, I have been able to introduce my friends to feminism and one of them went from slut shaming 24/7 to understanding what it does and being totally against it, all of these little things are progress, I just find feminism really inspiring and it gives me a lot of hope in a sense.