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xmelomaniax: Hey hello yeah just wanted to say I really like your photography and you're really talented ok have a lovely day byee

thank you

31 July 2014     12:58 am

A page I made for the Rebel Grrrl zine
don’t remove the caption please

29 July 2014     10:18 pm     2 notes

A page I made for the Rebel Grrrl zine

don’t remove the caption please

25 July 2014     2:48 am     10 notes

I went to go at watch the stars on my own because I couldn’t sleep, took a sketch book some coffee and drew listening to music, I saw a shooting star, the last time I saw one (and the first time) was when I slept there with friends two summers ago. I feel so lucky to live in front of a field.

19 July 2014     12:46 am     3 notes

Anonymous: your are my most favorite person ever ~ ily

thanks aha

16 July 2014     10:10 pm

Anonymous: My god you are the most gorgeous person on earth. Thank you for your time ^~^

thank you aha aw

12 July 2014     2:24 pm

10 July 2014     2:43 am     4 notes

this is a song i just wrote that is 100% factually accurate about my friends period, I hope you all enjoy, if you get bad cramps or have a boyfriend who is cool and is cool with period blood you will enjoy (hopefully) 

I was scared of getting it my whole life

and one day i was sitting in the bathroom

I checked my pants and shouted to the sky

holy fuck I’m in hell aren’t I?

I yelled OOOWww Oww ow

OOOOWWWowWOW theres blood coming out

blood is running down my leg

it’s a fucking tsunami¬†

but my boyfriends into it

he loves it when I’m on my period

he just found a blood clot

gotta take my tampon out

a few years later i lost my virginity

I wore red tights as a disguise

my boyfriend got it on his tshirt

he kept as a fucking souvenir

p.s this is a joke I’m laughing through the whole thing using a rly annoying voice

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02 July 2014     6:52 am     4 notes

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