I woke up and felt like shit and only slept like an hour, had a dream I was in a sushi bar and kept walking around it in circles and it was really weird, I didn’t go into college now I feel fine and I’m seeing Andrew Jackson Jihad tomorrow and I’m so fucking excited u have no idea

Dan (ghost-emoji) and I (tortures) are planning on writing a song where the lyrics are parts from peoples diarys, things people have said to you, things you heard or saw in a dream etc for our electro punk project (similar to Crystal Castles, Crim3s, Purity Ring etc) we would be so fucking grateful if you were to send us anything that we could use, send us the darkest, most euphoric thing you have ever experienced or even just a cool idea we don’t care, everything will be kept anonymous, you can send them here, thanks~~

(it would also be really cool if you could reblog to spread the word)

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So Alice tweeted about struggling with an eating disorder, I can’t describe how I feel right now, I can’t stop crying, I feel so fucking upset that she went through that yet comforted, I have always seen so much of myself in Alice, despite how different our lives are, we have the same political and religious views, see the world in the same way, her past is something I connected with in a pretty personal way, I’ve connected so much with her music and her writing and as lame as it sounds Crystal Castles have been the band that helped me through things I otherwise couldn’t have dealt with for about 5 years, they have been a massive part of my life and the reason I met so many of my friends. I’ve always thought Alice was the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen and to know that she had issues with her image too just makes me really emotional. I just feel like I can relate to her even more now and I’m really glad she spoke about this.