She's the one who brings me to life
When I stab her with my hunting knife
Broken tramp, have you seen her?
Tried to love, but now I beat her.

Kathleen Hanna and Bikini Kill / Riot Grrrls

I know I am a boy but I have so much respect for feminists and riot grrrls, the whole idea of gender roles and everything along those lines are so stupid to me and I love the riot grrrls for being so rebellious and straight up bad ass! Kathleen Hanna is the lead singer of Bikini Kill, a band that is all about feminism and has taken a lot of influence from the punk movement and remind me a lot of when the sex pistols first came about in the way they are doing their own thing if people like it or not. Honestly the only bad thing I can say about riot grrrls is that in some cases they are very anti-male so rather than being for equality they are for JUST females, but this is a very small amount. I think this is an amazing movement and encourage anyone to read up on this stuff.

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